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A flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic 2007 and greater. Macintosh OS X, Windows 2000 and LINUX


GraphPro for REALbasic developers

A flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic 2007 and greater.


The source code for the GraphPro classes is available for $75 USD.
Simply purchase a license from kagi and the complete code will be e-mailed directly to you.
One year of maintenance is included in the price.

Dr Gerard Hammond 

Features include:
-[Mac] Added a Magnifying Glass option to the cGraphProCanvas. -Pie, Cartesian and Column graph modes
-Compiles under RB 5.5
-Compiles for Win32 and MacOS systems.
-Multiple over-laying Cartesian graphs
-Unlimited data sets.
-Unlimited sized data sets.
-Coloured and patterned line of best fit curves
-Graph Title can be re-positioned by dragging
-Graph Title can be edited in-line by double clicking
-Legend Title can be re-positional by dragging
-Coloured X, Y, X2, Y2 Axes
-X and Y Axis labels can be dragged and double clicked.
-Axes Auto-resize to accommodate changes to the datasets and the canvas
-Coloured Nodes can be transparent squares, circles, triangles, diamond, Pictures and other polygons
-Nodes can be different pictures!
-Nodes can be individually coloured.
-Nodes support X and Y errors bars (Upper and lower limits too)
-Many basic statistics for all datasets (sum, SD, Linear Regression, Mean, count etc etc)
-Contextual Menu controls can be added
-Curves can show or hide their Nodes error bars
-Lines can be different patterns
-Horizontal and Vertical dashed GridLines. 
-Drill down (ie Zoom In/zoom out graphs)
-Fill Curves
-Axis hairlines
-Axes can now autosize upper and lower bounds.
-The drag direction for axis labels can now be constrained to specific planes.
-Background pictures and coloured gradients for plots, legends, axes and nodes.
-Complex styled AXIS labels, including Symbols, Superscript and Subscript.
-Custom, front-to-back ordering, of curves.
-Line of Best fit (i.e. "trend Lines") for individual curves.


Dr Gerard Hammond
MacSOS, Australia, 2008



Graph Pro is © MacSOS, Australia, 2000-2006
Graph Pro was written in the brilliant REALbasic available from



Graph Pro is enhanced when used in conjunction with these modules/classes. 
NOTE: These classes are freely available and are not sold with Graph Pro.

Polygon © Fabian Rueger, 2000
basicStat 1.0 by Michael Rosander - Some code used
ColorC - by Unknown. Modified to show the current RGB value.
DotLine - by Sørin Olin. 
TextRot Canvas by Søren Olin - Modified to return a picture.
Tooltip and OSVersionInformation by Aaron Ballman <>

Preliminary documentation
Change Log see History

Software License Agreement
GraphPro™ is Copyright by MacSOS.
You must purchase a separate copy of the software for each Macintosh it is used on.
Unless explicitly stated in writing, MacSOS does not grant permission to distribute 
this source code for profit in any form, including but not limited to, 
electronic information service distribution, bulletin board distribution, 
and magnetic or optical medium distribution. 
MacSOS is not responsible for any damage to the purchaser's computer system or data and in no event will MacSOS, 
its officers, directors, employees or agents be responsible to the purchaser for any consequential, 
incidental, or indirect damages (including damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, 
loss of business information and the like) arising out of the use or inability to use the MacSOS product, 
even if MacSOS has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

© Dr. Gerard Hammond 2018