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Risky Business SOS is an easy to use, online register of Procedures, Hazards and Hazardous Substances.

Risky Business SOS is an application that helps you to write, distribute and audit your work place operating procedures and manuals.  These manuals can be viewed by your workers at any time, in a secure, audited manner.

Risky Business SOS allows Hazards and Procedures in your workplace to be Identified, Controlled and Assessed for Risk. It helps you monitor the actions and controls you need to implement to make your work place Safer.

Risky Business SOS - The Simpler the Better:

By adopting the appearance of the familiar spiral paper-based notebook, Risky Business SOS users quickly gain confidence and find information more easily than they would in an actual paper-based notebook. The premise of Risky Business SOS is to present a minimal,  "task-based" user interface to important Health and Safety Information.  

Much of the user interface is hidden and only features relevant to the task at hand are exposed. Simplicity is a major goal of the Risky Business SOS application.

Risky Business SOS has these key OH&S features:

- On-line Standard Operating Procedures (with versioning) creation and access
- Scalable to 1000+ simultaneous employee logins
- Hazard Identification and history of Corrective Actions
- Risk Assessments of Hazards and Procedures
- Public Liability Incident event tracking
- Hazardous Substances (and versioning)
- Unlimited Employees
- Dangerous Good tracking
- Chemical Exposure Risk Assessment and Controls
- Incident monitoring and history of Corrective Actions
- Small volume Substance Labeling
- Employee Training Quizzes
- Task Specific training
- Flexible Users,  Groups and Locations Management
- Document management and versioning
- SOP acceptance monitoring
- Fully Customizable Printed Reports
- Data modification auditing
Context Sensitive On-Line Help.

Macintosh Features:
- Easy, one Click backups to .Mac or other remote backup devices
- Live Spotlight-like Searching: Fast and simple
- Universal Binary: Runs fast on Mac OS X
- Drag and Drop File from Finder: Easily access important files for each Procedure.
- Real-time Macintosh Dock Icon updates 

Other Distinguishing Features:
- Live Searching: Fast and simple
- Internationalized UTF-8 text input
- Built-in Help:  Searchable glossary and full PDF manual
- Voice Prompts: For visually impaired people
- Flexible Export: To Excel or Stata
- Printing: Print beautiful reports that you can design yourself
- Reports: Automatically generate common paperwork
- Contacts:  Emergency and external contact details.
- Secure:  Every change is recorded and timestamp audited.
- Export-ability: Export almost any list in the program to Excel
- Preferences: Simple and precise options customised to your specifications
- Alerts:  Dynamic To Do list based on work flow and legislative requirements

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