Where are the technical notes about Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Here.

How do I write my own Reports?

Answer: Read the extra documentation on Editing Reports.

What platforms will Risky Business SOS run on...?

Answer: MacOS X, Windows XP/Vista

How do I tell the version number of my Risky Business Client?

Answer: The version number is displayed on the login page just under the icon.

Is Risky Business SOS a web services application?

Answer:  No, it is compiled binary application.

What are the maximum number of Risky Business SOS clients that can simultaneously access a Risky Business SOS server?

Answer: It depends on how many client licences you purchased. (ie 1-Unlimited).

How can multiple employees get multiple simultaneous access to the single user Risky Business SOS product we bought last year?

Answer: Pay for an Upgrade to a multiple or unlimited license.

Is there a HTML version of Risky Business SOS?

Answer: No (not yet).

What if my computer is stolen? Can the thief read the information easily, say with Microsoft Word?

Answer: No, the Risky Business SOS database is encrypted.

Does Risky Business SOS record near miss incidents?

Answer: Yes.

When an employee leaves the company, how do I lock them out from the system?

Answer: You mark the employee as "Inactive". This stops all access.

Can I store the minutes of a committee meeting in Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Yes.

Can I store all the revisions of a single document in Risky Business SOS that relate to a SOP?

Answer: Yes. Risky Business SOS has a document revision function for SOP files.

What is a MSDS?

Answer: Material Safety Data Sheet.

Can I upload my .pdf MSDS documents for each hazardous substance?

Answer:  Yes - One MSDS per hazardous substance.

How do I first install Risky Business SOS on a PC?

Answer: Double click the "setup.exe" file and it will lead you though the simple installation instructions.

Can I give the demo application to my friend?

Answer:  Yes, as long as you don't give them your serial number.

How do I get support for Risky Business SOS?

Answer: e-mail support@macsos.com.au or sales@macsos.com.au

I like the demo! How many days does the demo application function?

Answer: 30-60 days.

Can I upgrade from the demo to single user license?

Answer: Yes, contact sales@macsos.com.au.

Can I have multiple sites/teams/groups in Risky Business SOS?

Answer:  Yes.

Can I have multiple Safety Officers in Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Yes.

I need a list of all hazards and their Risk Assessments. Is this possible in Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Yes.

I need a list of all chemicals and their storage locations. Is this possible in Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Yes.

What language was used to write Risky Business SOS?

Answer: REALbasic.

Is Risky Business SOS sold or leased?

Answer: Leased on a yearly software subscription. During the licensed period all updates are free.

Can I print all my SOPs and compile them into a book and place it in the staff canteen?

Answer: Yes.

How do I know who modified the Risk Assessment for a SOP?

Answer:  Risky Business SOS maintains an audit trail of every change, including the user name and the date it was changed.

How many days can I expect between e-mailing support@macsos.com.au and getting a response?

Answer: Within three days.

Some of my workers aren't allowed to make Risk Assessments. Can Risky Business SOS accommodate this?

Answer:  Yes.

Is Risky Business SOS a register of Chemicals, Hazards, SOPs?

Answer: Yes.

Can Risky Business SOS accommodate multiple groups across the country, simultaneously accessing and sharing the same information?

Answer: Yes - An internet connection is required.

If Risky Business SOS can accommodate multiple groups around the world sharing the same information, how does it handle different time zones?

Answer: All dates are stored in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

What is UTC/GMT?

Answer:  UTC is often referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Put simply It is the time in Greenwich, England, right now.

Are there spare fields in the SOP and Chemical pages where I could store my own info. eg Last cost?

Answer:  Yes.

Can I change the printed SOP report and add my own company graphic and company contact pages?

Answer:  Yes. Call us for a quote to modify the report.  (You can change them yourself if you're very smart).

I would like a particular report that isn't included in the Risky Business SOS. Can MacSOS write it for me?

Answer: Yes. Call us for a quote to create the report (You can write them yourself if you're very smart).

Are there any Risky Business SOS on-site training options?

Answer: Yes. Call us as and we'll arrange a quote for on-site training.

What is the policy for returning the product?

Answer:  Purchase with Confidence with a 90-day money back Warranty for products purchased directly from MacSOS Solutions Pty Ltd.

How can I get Customer Service

Answer: Call Sales or email support@macsos.com.au.

How can I get Technical Service?

Answer: Call Sales or email macsos@macsos.com.au.

Can I purchase a multiple Risky Business SOS license online?

Answer:  No, you can only pay via company cheque or Electronic Funds Transfers from Australian banks.

Where is the Risky Business SOS application usually stored on a Macintosh Computer?

Answer: In the "Applications Folder" of the local Hard Drive.

Can I have a demo of the application to try it out?

Answer: Yes, a demo is available for download now.

How long does it take to get a license?

Answer:  After the cheque or EFT funds are received by MacSOS the license will be emailed directly.

Are printed manuals available?

Answer: Yes, for a small fee upon request or the user can print their own from the .PDF version of the manual.

Is the database schema available?

Answer: Yes to licensed customers who request this technical information. email macsos@macsos.com.au

Is there an administrative account for Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Yes, Safety Officers have administrative accounts and so have access to all features of the Risky Business SOS system.

How do I install the Macintosh Version of Risky Business SOS?

Answer: Download from MacSOS web site, double click the RiskyBusinessSOS.dmg and drag the RiskyBusinessSOS folder to the Applications folder. Done!

Can I write my own reports?

Answer: Yes.

Can I easily delete employees from the Risky Business SOS system?

Answer: Yes.

Can I _really, permanently_ delete employees from the Risky Business SOS system?

Answer:  No.

Who can create a Quiz?

Answer: Safety Officers.

Are Multiple Choice quizzes the only type of quizzes that Risky Business SOS offers?

Answer:  Yes.

What happens when you get a Question wrong in a Quiz?

Answer:  You will be asked the question again at the end of the quiz until you get it correct.  That way, by successfully completing the quiz,  you will know the answer to every question. This saves administrative hassle as well as improves the effectiveness of the training session.

Are the Quiz marks recorded forever?

Answer:  Yes.

Can I take the quiz a second time, if I want to?

Answer: Yes.

Can the Safety Officer create a Hazard that cannot be seen by Non-Technical workers?

Answer: Yes.

How many years must any Investigation of serious incidents and other incidents be retained by the Company?

Answer: At least 5 Years.

How many years must the company retain a record of any acknowledgement (such as a receipt number) given by WorkCover as evidence of receipt of the incident notice?

Answer: At least 5 Years.

How many years must an Employer retain records of induction and training retained?

Answer: At least 5 Years.

Could you make this FAQ into a Risky Business SOS Quiz?

Answer: Yes

There are no Substances in the Substance register? Que?

Answer: The Substance register only shows you the Substances that you are currently using from your list of current Procedures. Only the Safety Officer can see the complete Chemical Register.

Can anyone add a substance to the Substance register?

Answer: No. Only the Safety Officer or a person with the role of 'Substances Only' can add a Substance to the Substances Register.

I get a message dialog that says something like "Maximum Logins Reached" - I cannot log in! What is happening?

Answer: The maximum number of login is determined by your purchased license. You may need to upgrade your license to allow more simultaneous connections. Contact support@macsos.com.au if you are having difficulties logging in.

I have a multiple client license with lots of widely dispersed clients. How do I update them all with a new Risky Business SOS client application?

Answer: There are several options and they are all easy! 

Each old, out of date, Risky Business SOS client application can download the new Risky Business SOS client application directly from your Risky Business SOS server and install the software, or you can put the new installer (ie setup.exe) on a shared disk and get users to double click it. 

Both are very easy and require little IT support.

Dr Gerard Hammond


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