Risky Business SOS is a software program designed to simplify and guide a company through the task of documenting their Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Every organization has a strict legal obligation to the community and  employees to identify, assess, control and document the hazards, substances and procedures at their workplace. This software application is designed to aid compliance with these regulations.

Risky Business SOS is a register of your Company's Policies, Procedures, Substances, Hazards, Incidents, First Aid and Risk Assessments. 

Director's Perspective (Duty of Care):

If one of your employees is seriously injured or dies as a result of a work related incident, you will be held responsible.  It is your responsibility and obligation to identify and assess foreseeable hazards. Risk management involves assessing the harm of those hazards. There are no exemptions for risk management.

Risk management applies to all hazards and all workplaces covered by the OHS Act and Regulations. You must keep a record of all incidents for at least 5 years. The software provided by us was created to make compliance easier.

Manager's Perspective (Person-with-control):

If one of your co-workers dies on the job, you are responsible. You are the person-in-control.   Make your work place safe by documenting your procedures and assessing all aspects of the job.  You are often the most experienced person on the site and when an accident happens you are responsible. Assessing and implementing safe controls for every one of your worker's jobs is your responsibility.

Safety Officer's (and Safety Committee's) Perspective:

Safety Officers (and Safety Committees) are an important factor in work place safety. This software was designed to enable the Safety Officer to easily detail, monitor and analyze Safety and Risk Management at their work place.  This software encourages cross-workplace consultation, discussion and safety monitoring, helping to ensure that Hazards are identified early, attended to appropriately and then assessed for residual risk.  When incidents happen, the Risk and Hazard registers of Risky Business SOS may prove to be important in potential litigation events.

Worker's Perspective (Shared Responsibility):

You are not required to work in uncontrolled, unsafe, Risky situations but it is part of your job to make the workplace safer. Risky Business SOS allows you to inform  the managers about hazards that you see and ways to make the job safer. Don't be a fool with your life. Work Safely and follow the assessed instructions.  Make your job life safer.

Dr Gerard Hammond, MacSOS


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