[Nte] 2007.011 is still available for download: Mac and Windows

[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.011
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.011
[Fix]  Clicking the "Context" SOP warning now jumps to the correct page.
[New]  Added a "Check For Update" menu.
[Fix]  The login details for the SO on the wWelcome are now bottom aligned after a resize.
[New]  SOP now displays the Incident UTC date in Local Time Zone format.
[Chg]  databasefield.DateValueSQLDate changed to databasefield.DateValueUTCtoLocalTimeZoneSQLDate throughout the project code.
[Chg]  Field History Dialog (aka wAuditLog) now displays time in Local Time not UTC time.
[New]  Added a Save menu to SOP, wHazardAssesment and Substance.
[New]  Added "Backup to MacSOS" menu stub. Backup service is not yet implemented.
[Chg]  Changed the default location of new RiskyBusinessSOS.sqlite and RiskyBusinessSOSprefs.sqlite files to be in the SpecialShared Folder. On OSX this is /Library/Preferences. Under Win32 this is \All Users\Application Data\
[Fix]  Changed spelling of 'Quizes' to 'Quizzes' and 'MacSOS Pty Ltd' to 'MacSOS Solutions Pty Ltd'
[Chg]  Moved the splash screen so that it loads after login.
[New]  The splash screen now shows the month that the license stops.
[Chg]  Info widgets in the top right hand side of the Hazard Assessment dialog are now right aligned.
[Nte]  Compiled with REALbasic 2007r1.

© Dr Gerard Hammond