[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.031, MinAppVersion = 2007.031
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.031
[Chg]  The registration window now appears when detecting an unauthorized upgrade from Single user to Multiple user.
[Fix]  Re-opening the same SOP or Substance twice now re-uses the current SOP or Substance windows rather than creating a new instance of the dialog.
[Nlr]  Exception error when quitting the Application with open SOP or Substance dialogs.
[New]  User Dialog now display the SOP acceptance history for each user.  The date the SOP was closed, accepted or rejected is displayed in Local time.
[Chg]  Modified the auditing process for SOP closing to record the time the user closed the SOP.
[Chg]  Modified the SOP closing process to ensure that the SOP version number is incremented correctly for Non-Safety Officer users.
[Fix]  Double clicking an Investigator that had previously been added to a Hazard, no longer incorrectly opens an injured workers case file.
[Fix]  Fixed the SQL for the default 'TemplateText'.
[Chg]  Changed the Company Setup dialog to enable a much easier method to change the prompting text for new attribute data.
[Fix]  Report engine now correctly handles individual check items of Hierarchical codesets.
[Chg]  For Local DB setups only, the Username (ie the login name) of a person can now be changed by a Safety Officer.
[Chg]  Added code to rename the user when accessing REALSQL datafiles.
[Chg]  Splash screen text changed from 'MacSOS Pty Ltd' to 'MacSOS Solutions Pty Ltd'.
[Chg]  Modified the license algorithm to enable or disable the creation of Groups.
[Chg]  Administration window now checks to see if the license allows new groups to be added.
[Chg]  The User listbox on the Administration now displays the codeset text for 'Login Allowed' rather than the raw integer value.
[Chg]  Renamed the buttons on the Pick Quiz and Edit Quiz windows for better clarity and user experience.
[Chg]  Modified the long help text for the attribute 'Hazards'.
[New]  Added the User-Incident field 'ReturnToWorkPlan'. This is a text field that outlines the treatment, rehabilitation, re-training, claims and employment management practises that have been agreed between the  company, the injured worker, the return to work co-ordinator and the Approved Medical Specialist.
[New]  Added the User-Incident field 'IncidentNoteDate'.  This the date that the Return-To-Work Note refers to for the purposes of managing and monitoring the chronological history of events that make up the Return-To_Work/injury management plan.
[New]  Added the User-Incident field 'TotalDaysOffWork'. This is a floating field that records the estimated cumulative total days off work for this particular injury.
[New]  Added a "Injuries" panel to the the Users dialog. This panel shows the date and type of the injury, as well as the total number of days absent from work for this particular injury.
[Chg]  Removed the "Incident" panel from the the Users dialog.
[New]  Added Approved Medical Specialists to the External Contacts Page.
[New]  Added eMail address field to the External Contacts information.
[New]  Added the ability to search for an Incident ID using the Google search editfield on the Pick Incident window.
[New]  Added 'isFirstAidOfficer' to 'Users' Is this person a trained first aid officer?
[New]  Added 'FirstAidTrainingNotes' to 'Users'.  First Aid Officer''s Training details and notes.  Users can now includes dates, locations, Service provider and Course titles.
[New]  Added the COLLATE NOCASE swtich to many SQL statements.
[New]  Added a Policy Module. Policies can be site (ie Group) specific. They can be associated with SOPs if required.
[New]  Added 'HazardFirstAidNotes' to Table 'Hazard'.
[Chg]  Viewing a Hazard associated with a SOP, now displays the 'HazardFirstAidNotes' rather then the 'AffectedPeople' field. With limited space, First Aids Notes seem more important than some supplemental information when defining the Risk Assessment.
[New]  Modified the front page.  Replaced the Standard Tab Panel with a Table of Contents (TOC) page panel.
[New]  The Front page is different for different user roles.  Non-Technical users get a simplified number of items in the Table Of Contents.
[New]  Added a Policy Report and Policy Script.
[New]  Added Policy to the Front Page for every role.
[New]  Added First Aid to the cut-down Non-technical view of a Hazard.
[Chg]  Enabled searching of the 'To Do' list.
[Chg]  Renamed "In Box" to "To Do".
[New]  Added a First Aid module to the front page.
[Fix]  Various fixes to CREATE and DROP employees when connected to a REALSQL server
[Fix]  Fixed the re-instate employee feature for employees when connected to a REALSQL server
[Fix]  Deleting a user now deletes permanently the UserGroup entries. These settings are not re-instated.
[New]  About window now displays more information about the license configuration.
[Chg]  All 'To Do' items are always coloured Red.
[New]  The last active Safety Officer can no longer be deleted or demoted.
[Chg]  Changed the GetCodeSetTextReportFromCodeSetValue API interface. It now accepts strings rather than integers. This is to allow a single call to work with BinaryCodeSet listboxes as well as hierarchical listbox.
[Fix]  Fixed the print Substance script and the print Substance label scripts to handle the GetCodeSetTextReportFromCodeSetValue API interface changes.  These scripts are automatically reset when upgrading to v2007.031 from v2007.021.
[Fix]  Fixed the spelling of concise.
[Fix]  Fixed the spelling of co-workers. Sheesh.
[Chg]  The "To Do" now shows more information about unaccepted SOPs.
[Chg]  Changed the algorithm that finds unaccepted SOPs in the "To Do" panel.
[Chg]  Hid the Print button on the front page.
[New]  Home page map now has clickable roll-over autobuttons
[New]  Searching 'First Aid' also searches Substance Name as well as Substance Alternative Names
[New]  Added "TemplateText" to the return options for the Report API 'GetAttributeProperty'
[Fix]  Now "TemplateText" returns the 'Type' for the Report API 'GetAttributeProperty'
[Fix]  The Script "reset" button now works for scripts with id = 7-11
[Not]  Built with REALbasic 2007r1

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