[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.041, MinAppVersion = 2007.041
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.041
[New]  Human voice prompts added.
[New]  Added the table PolicyUserVersion. This records the version and UTC datetime stamp when a User reads a Policy.
[New]  DataBrowser introduced. This is only accessible by the Safety Officer.
[New]  Implemented easy client updates. The server pushes the correct full installer to older client client machine when the older clients need to be updated.
[New]  Added an LED thermometer bulb to the quiz questionnaire screen. This gives the person taking the quiz an indication of how many questions are still to come.
[New]  Added a demo Quiz and linked it to the demo SOP.
[New]  Putting a Mac to sleep for a long time (eg over night) can result in a broken server connection.  Now, Risky Business SOS checks for the signature of a dropped server connection and automatically re-connects.
[New]  Added "GetDatabaseSchemaVersion", "DB_BackupNow" to the Scripting API module.
[New]  Now offers to Save new Hazards so as to allow Corrective Actions to be added more easily.
[New]  Unit tests added for debug builds.
[Chg]  Audit now stores the text of the previous value for codesets rather than the integer.
[Chg]  Added a reminder msgbox that tells the user what the default password is after they agree to the license during the initial installation.
[Chg]  Changed the layout of the Welcome installation dialog so that demo password is even more obvious.
[Chg]  Added a dialog to remind people of the demo password during initial installation.
[Chg]  More Attributes added. Some made inVisibleInGlossary.
[Chg]  Some spelling mistakes corrected.
[Chg]  Made the incomplete management summary report invisible to users.
[Chg]  Adjusted the minimum_height and minimum_width parameters of the wMainWindow to be more sensible values.
[Chg]  Changed the isServer variable from string to boolean.
[Chg]  The "Upload new installers" buttons now both use the FileManager.DeleteFile handler.
[Chg]  The FileBrowser listbox now sorts the FileID, Date and VersionSeq columns numerically.
[Chg]  Now TextFont="SmallSystem"and TextSize=0 for the mouse roll-over help class widget.
[Chg]  Re-worded the IncidentTypeID CodeSet.  The options are now:
'Serious injury, illness or death'
'Minor injury or illness'
'Near miss with no injuries'
[Chg]  Made the quiz questionnaire screen resizable.
[Chg]  Changed the order of that the check for invalid recordsets on the Main Window. The heck for db.errormessage is now before the check for nil RecordSet.
[Wrk]  Manually ensured that the Client application version was not getting mangled on German numeric formatting when first initialising the Prefs database.  Now the "," is replaced with a "."
[Not]  After copying a graph from the "Summary Graph" pages, use "Paste Special" to enter the image into MS Word.
[Not]  Modified "CREATE TABLE Attribute...." so that CodeSetID is varchar(255) rather than CodeSetID varchar(100)
[Fix]  The unit tests found some several inconstancies in the popAttributes file. v2007.041 reloads it completely,
[Fix]  The Total days off work for a User incident is now left, bottom aligned.
[Opt]  Loading all modules on the Main Window (eg SOPD, Hazards) when using a REALSQL server is now much quicker.
[Chg]  The front main screen now displays more summary info for Incidents.

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