[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.042, MinAppVersion = 2007.042
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.042
[New]  Public Liability module added.
[New]  Public Liability: Incidents can now record injuries to non-Employees.
[New]  Public Liability: Incidents can now track various details (file, notes, meetings etc) with respect to public liability claims made against the company.
[New]  AS-4360: Added a user level warning that informs the user to re-evaluate the residual risk after adding a new control action.
[New]  New external contacts (ie eye-witnesses or affected people) can be added directly from the incident page.
[New]  Added a google like search widget to the "External Contacts" panel of the Administration dialog.
[New]  Added HazardID to the Actions dialog
[New]  Added The Short Description of the Hazard to the Action Dialog
[New]  StatusDialog is now shown when loading a SOP, Hazard or Chemical.
[New]  Added a new menu item "email MacSOS"
[New]  Added Ellipsis characters to the end of many menu items to better satisfy the Apple's Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.
[New]  Hazards set automatically to the status: "Corrective Actions Pending" now display a clue button and animated target ring markers.
[New]  Added a Change password menu and dialog.
[Fix]  AttrStaticText widgets now correctly checked for their dirty state by the parent AttributeDatabaseRecord class.
[Fix]  Changing the "User who must do the Action" is now saved correctly in a Corrective Action.
[Fix]  Only associated SOPs are displayed on the HazardAssessment window.
[Fix]  Closing a Hazard now updates the main window listbox properly
[Fix]  Chemicals now display Hazardous classification on the Chemical register on the front screen.
[Fix]  The correct row on the Chemical register on the front screen is now updated correctly when the Hazardous substance window is closed.
[Chg]  The Actioner of a corrective  Action is now displayed on the panel 'Corrective Actions" on the HazardAssessment window.
[Chg]  Hazards that contain Actionable items that are not closed are now set automatically to the status: "Corrective Actions Pending".
[Chg]  Corrective Actions listbox now uses the SmallSystem font.
[Chg]  Changed the background colour of the Actions Dialog.
[Chg]  Re-opening an already opened SOP or Hazardous Chemical window no longer reverts to the information stored in the database.
[Chg]  Multiple rows for each register on the front page can be selected.
[Chg]  The rows for each register on the front page can be copied to the clipboard.
[Chg]  Switched to a new date and time dialog for general and incident notes.
[Chg]  After user feedback, the print button has now re-appeared on the main register screen so that SOP's can be more easily printed.
[Chg]  Removed the word 'Workers' from Workers Compensation attributes.
[Chg]  To Do items on the main window listbox now display local time zone dates.
[Chg]  Moved the widgets around on the Details screen of the incident dialog.
[Chg]  Re-worded IncidentStatusID=2 from "Requires Attention" to "Under Investigation".
[Chg]  Modified the incident report and script to handle the external contact details.
[Not]  The print Incident report and script are reloaded when upgrading from 2007.041.
[Chg]  Removed the cFastBufferString code.
[Chg]  Renamed "Hazardous Substances" and "Chemicals" to be "HazChem".
[Chg]  Changed the layout of the ccHazardControl window.
[Chg]  Changed the image map to represent a man.

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