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[New]  Enterprise Feature: Added a one click upgrade from Single User to Multiple User SOP and Risk Management system.
[New]  A nightly backup is automatically scheduled after the single user to multiple user upgrade.
[New]  Added a checkbox to the User (Admin) page on the Database panel to temporarily enable or disable logins.
[New]  Added a VACUUM button to the Database panel on User (Admin) page. This defragments the database, reclaiming unused space.
[New]  Updated the web site to include a new technical document "Editing Reports".
[New]  Document filenames are highlighted in bold when displaying SOP files.
[New]  PDF documents added to SOPs now display a pleasant PDF icon.
[Fix]  Adding a file for an employee involved in an incident no longer throws a SQL error.
[Fix]  SOP print button now displays correctly, more often.
[Chg]  Renamed the Server panel to be 'Database' on the 'User' (Admin) dialog
[Chg]  Re-arranged the controls on the Database panel on User (Admin) page.
[Chg]  Greatly reduced the temporary memory requirements when exporting large files.
[Chg]  When exporting a file, a case-sensitive rather than lexicographic comparison of MD5 signatures is now undertaken.
[Chg]  When Safety Officers delete files using the FileBrowser dialog, the file contents are now permanently deleted.
[Chg]  Audit log now displays the filename of files added to SOPs.
[Chg]  Modified the width of the small icons for documents.
[Chg]  Removed the versioning feature for files. Simply delete the old files when they are no longer needed.
[Chg]  When shrinking the SOP window, the 'More Options' popup menu now displays all the hidden options.
[Nte]  Upgrading from single user to multiple users resets all passwords.
[Nte]  Significant Price Reduction for Single User version.
[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.081
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.081
[Nte]  Compiled with REALbasic 2007r3.

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