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     [Opt] = Optimization
     [Fix] = Bug Fix
     [Afx] = Alpha or Beta fix.  Fix for a problem recently introduced. 
     [Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
     [New] = New Feature
     [Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
     [Kis] = Known Issue
     [Wrk] = WorkAround
     [WrB] = WorkAround broken as a result of bug fix.
     [Tip] = Insight into the design of a feature, suggests possible uses.
     [Nte] = Note
     [Dep] = Deprecated
     [Pat] = Describes a backwards compatibility issue.
     [Ref] = Major refactoring, functionality should be identical to previous.
     [Nlr] = No Longer Reproducible, Reason Unknown.
             Usually a consequence of some other fix.
     [OSX] = Mac OS X 10.3+
     [W32] = Win32
     [All] = Affects Mac OS X and Win32. Default unless otherwise specified.


[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.082
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.082

[New]  The number of items in the To Do list is displayed directly in the table of contents listbox on the Main window

[New]  Added a blog, "Flammable Contents" to the Risky Business SOS web site.

[New]  Added new report script API command: SQLRecordSet_ToRTFtable(SQLstr as string, FormattingTags as string = "") as string.  This command takes a SQL statement and converts the resulting record set into a RTF table that can be inserted into the middle of a RTF report.  The FormattingTags string current only understands one command, "<ConvertCodesToCodeSetDesc>True</ConvertCodesToCodeSetDesc>". This converts Codes of Attributes that are CodeSets to their CodeSet Descriptions.

[New]  Enabled the "Save" menu when the Incident dialog is instantiated.

[New]  Quick Summary - Positioning the mouse over a Hazard on the "To Do" list now displays a 'Quick Summary' of the item. It gives the most important, pertinent summary information, such as the relative date (eg 'This happened 4 hours ago') of the last most important change.

[New]  The "To Do" list has been visually expanded to give more information at a quick glance. This will be particularly useful as new incidents are added. The To Do list displays newly added incidents in real-time to all logged in  Safety Officers. A context appropriate relative date is also displayed.

[New]  New screenshots added to web page.

[New]  The count of To Do items is displayed in the Dock item.

[New]  Added new attribute "Base64RemoteBackupPath" to table PrefsDatabase

[New]  Server version: New Menu "Backup Database". This menu allows the Safety Officer to back up the datafile on demand.

[New]  Single User Client version: New Menu "Backup to .Mac". This menu allows the Safety Officer to back up the datafile to a .Mac iDisk (or any remote folder) on demand.

[New]  Holding down the ALT key when selecting the ""Backup to .Mac" menu allows the user to select a new destination backup folder.

[New]  The Preferences Window now allows the backup folder destination to be redefined or revealed.

[New]  The file list on the Procedure window has been slightly redesigned.

[New]  Added a new SOP wizard to make it really easy to get started on a new SOP.  It was designed to be a very non-threatening way to start a basic SOP.

[New]  Added a new Hazard wizard for Non-Technical people to be much simpler when adding a Hazard.  Now they are asked only one non-threatening question.  This was a very carefully considered re-design and simplification.  The law wants people to get involved with Safety and this wizards encourages non-computer literate people to more easily inform the appropriate people about occupational heath and safety problems.

[Not]  I am considering marketing this software as "The least threatening Risk Assessment software on the Market" (grin)

[Not]  Renamed ccSubstanceRiskControl to be ccSubstanceHazardControl.

[Not]  The default on-screen text prompts are reset to factory default values during the upgrade/migration.

[Not]  We use Apple's 'Image IO' via QuickTime for display of our images on Macintosh.

[Chg]  Clearing the text in the Search widget now clears all the text style runs.

[Chg]  Icons on the main window are now centre aligned rather then left aligned with a 3 pixel buffer.

[Chg]  Updated the About box with new localisation details.

[Chg]  ccSubstanceHazardControl now uses the SmallSystem font for the tab panel font.

[Chg]  Removed the "Save" and "Close" buttons from the SOP and Substance windows. They aren't needed.

[Chg]  Expanded the long description of the 'Long Description' attribute

[Chg]  The Glossary now tries to centre itself over the calling page.

[Chg]  Lengthened the Glossary window slightly.

[Chg]  Autobuttons no longer set enabled = true when the button picture is changed.  This removed a lot of flickering of the main buttons.

[Fix]  The Export button on the Report Editor page now exports the RTF document 
rather than the base64 encoded RTF document.

[Fix]  Fixed the bug with GetPicture() and the temporary items folder with blank 
folderitems; This essentially stops the error message when opening the 'Company Setup...' menu as I now generate a random string for the temporary filename.

[Fix]  Drag and Dropping a file onto the SOP list of documents is now only possibly if the user is allowed to edit the SOP.

[Fix]  Fixed the GetValueFromDescription() method in the codeset manager.

[Fix]  The Notes field on the Users Dialog is now read-only.

[Fix]  Pressing command + and command - increases or decreases the size of the text in the listbox with the current focus. Now the System default text size is correctly determined and does not default to 0.

[Fix]  Adding or removing locations from a SOP, now sets the visible flag on the close button on OS X.

[Fix]  The Incident and Injury icons on the robot icons now are disabled for everyone except Safety Officers or People withe role 'Assessor'.

[Fix]  The dimensions of the Main window are saved and restored between logins.

[Fix]  Pick User dialog: The search widget now retains the focus after each key stroke.

[Fix]  Actions on the "To Do" list can now be opened by double clicking on the item.

[Fix]  The height of the window title bar is now calculated correctly on Win32 and OS X.

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