[Opt] = Optimization
     [Fix] = Bug Fix
     [Afx] = Alpha or Beta fix.  Fix for a problem recently introduced. 
     [Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
     [New] = New Feature
     [Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
     [Kis] = Known Issue
     [Wrk] = WorkAround
     [WrB] = WorkAround broken as a result of bug fix.
     [Tip] = Insight into the design of a feature, suggests possible uses.
     [Nte] = Note
     [Dep] = Deprecated
     [Pat] = Describes a backwards compatibility issue.
     [Ref] = Major refactoring, functionality should be identical to previous.
     [Nlr] = No Longer Reproducible, Reason Unknown.
             Usually a consequence of some other fix.
     [OSX] = Mac OS X 10.3+
     [W32] = Win32
     [All] = Affects Mac OS X and Win32. Default unless otherwise specified.


[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.092
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.092
[New]  Added a Standard Window menu to the MacOS X binary (Thanks Charles Yeomans)
[New]  The Type of Hazard (OH&S, Quality Control, etc.) is now displayed on the summary Hazard Register on the main register page.
[New]  The Glossary now has a resize splitter between the listbox and the text.
[New]  New Logout icon, courtesy of Seth Willits - Thanks Seth!
[New]  Added a contextual menu to the list of Registers on the Main Register page.
[New]  Added a "View..." menuitem under the Edit Menu.  This is the equivalent of double clicking a Register item, or double clicking a Register item on the Main Register page.
[New]  Autobuttons now have a MouseEnter and MouseExit event.
[New]  Clicking the Warning Flag that alerts the user to a Substance or a Hazard that is not controlled, now automatically highlights then selects the first 'Not Controlled" Row.
[New]  Clicking the Warning Flag that alerts the user to a Sub-Procedure that is not controlled, now automatically highlights, then selects the first 'Not Controlled" Sub-Procedure.
[New]  When the user's mouse is over the SOP 'Warning Flags' the window now display the string "Click the Icon to highlight the item that needs attention" in the Window's long 
[New]  Linking in a new sub-Procedure automatically selects this SOP in the sub-procedure listbox on the SOP dialog.
[New]  New Summary Pie Graph: "Relative rows".
[New]  Databrowser can now export to tab delimited Excel documents or to Stata .do files via the Export Menu.
[New]  Adding a New External Contact automatically opens the Contact Details dialog.
[New]  New users now automatically get allocated the Procedure, LabelReport50, LabelReport250, LabelReport5000 and Substance Reports.
[New]  Close Menu added to the Location dialog.
[New]  Close Menu added to the Incident dialog.
[New]  If no Alerts are found the Home page is automatically selected.
[New]  New Menu "Encrypted Export" located under File->Export.  The Safety Officer can use use this menu to export Substances, Policies and Procedures for transfer to other organisations that use Risky Business SOS.
[New]  Each users last login time is shown in the Users administration window.
[New]  SOPs can now be securely exported and securely imported.
[New]  Contextual Menu now on the Main register's page.
[New]  Added a new Get Password dialog.
[Fix]  Cosmetic redraw issues with the Help Button after a window resize has been fixed for 16 dialogs.
[Fix]  Previously entered, non-sensitive External people are now displayed when clicking the "Link Person" button on the Incident Page.
[Fix]  Fixed the "in about" time differential method for dates that differ by about 60 minutes.
[Fix]  Checking the "Reset Window Dimensions" now works without having to logout.
[Fix]  Checking the "Reset Window Dimensions" preference checkbox is now disabled if accessing from the Login window.
[Fix]  Fixed the masks for many pictures.
[Fix]  Spotlight searching for Alerts on the main registers page no longer shows Approved SOPs for non-Safety Officers.
[Fix]  Everybody can now view an Approved Policy.
[Fix]  Hazards can now be viewed by NonTechnical users.
[Fix]  Placement of Cancel and Save buttons on the Preferences dialog is now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Placement of Close and Save buttons on the Administration dialog is now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Placement of Close and Save buttons on the Action dialog is now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Placement of Cancel and Print buttons on the Substance label Print dialog is now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Placement of Cancel and Save buttons on the Location dialog is now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Placement of Cancel and Save buttons on the Note dialog is now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Ok, I actually fixed 36+ dialogs so that the Cancel and Save buttons are now both Win32 and OS X HIG compliant.
[Fix]  Printing Labels from the Main screen is re-enabled.
[Fix]  Groups and Procedure lists on the Hazard Risk Assessment are now cleared completely before being refreshed.
[Fix]  The minimum width for Hazard Risk Assessment dialog has now been set.
[Fix]  Fixed the Cog48 icon so that the painted mask looks better.
[Fix]  Fixed the Cog24 icon so that the painted mask looks better.
[Fix]  Set the minimum height and minimum width for many windows.
[Fix]  Autobuttons on Win32 clients flicker less.
[Fix]  Auto-generated report names are now unique.
[Fix]  Date and Time dialog now sets the control ignorechange flag correctly.
[Fix]  Removed the duplicate 'Risk Likelihood' items in the Glossary help static text field.
[Fix]  Picking a Sub-Procedure now works better; the Spotlight search risk faster and now only shows 'Approved SOPs.
[Fix]  DataBrowser dialog now displays more tables and column types.
[Fix]  The Primary Group popupmenu on the SOP dialog now longer allows the Safety Officer to even attempt to set the Primary Assessing group to be blank.
[Fix]  Added 'GroupID', 'Score', 'DateTaken' and 'Base64Chunk' to the list of Attributes.
[Fix]  Account spelling corrected.
[Fix]  The "Checking for new version" floating window now closes correctly.
[Fix]  Only Safety Officers and Group Assessors can change an Approved Assessment.
[Fix]  The "Don't Save" button on MessageDialog boxes is now returned correctly when pushed.
[Fix]  Clicking "Don't Save" when closing a non-approved SOP no longer asks for the SOp to be accepted nor are Quizzes opened.
[Fix]  NonTechnical users now longer see duplicates in the Substances register.
[Fix]  The DataBrowser window now has a menubar on Vista.
[Fix]  The UserID on the Adminstration dialog ow sorts numerically.
[Fix]  Disabling a Users login now set the property to 2 rather than 0.
[Fix]  Re-Enabling a Users login, then cancelling out of the change password dialog, now correctly closes the transaction.
[Chg]  CheckBox Attributes can now have the ticked and unticked integer values pre-set.
[Chg]  Only the Safety Officer can create or edit Quizzes.
[Chg]  Changed the wording of the Help step text for Assessors who view a SOP that they need to assess for risk. It now says "This SOP is not Approved. You need to Risk Assess the SOP status."
[Chg]  The height of the Incident Window has increased.
[Chg]  When linking in generic hazards into the SOPs, the pick Hazard dialog now display more helpful information.
[Chg]  Adding a New Hazard to a SOP automatically sets the Hazard to be generic.
[Chg]  "Renamed Excel menu to be "Excel Text" to indicate hat it is a tab-delimited text file
[Chg]  The Row Height of the File listbox is now 20 pixels.
[Chg]  Replaced the "Cart" To Do icon with a "Red Flag".
[Chg]  The login screen is now opened in the centre of the main screen.
[Chg]  The main window now maximises when originally opened.
[Chg]  Removed the 'Close' button from the Document Browser.
[Chg]  Modified the 24 Pixel Help icon.
[Chg]  Changed the location of the help icon on 30+ windows.
[Chg]  The Welcome license now wraps to the width of the window, even if the window is resized.
[Chg]  The main listbox title is no longer blue, it's black.
[Chg]  Various HIG modifications.  Many Thanks to Seth Willits, John Balestrieri, Sven E Olsson, David Glass, Daniel Greg and Tom Benson.
[Chg]  The login time per connection is now displayed in more human friendly manner.
[Chg]  The Emergency and First Aid registers now display a three line summary like the other registers.
[Chg]  Removed the Risky Business SOS folder icon from the installer.
[Chg]  The Help Glossary now uses an editfield, that automatically wraps help text, if resized.
[Chg]  The Hazard Window can no longer be resized.
[Chg]  On a PC the "Backup to .Mac" menu now says "Backup to Remote Server". For OS X it stays as "Backup to .Mac"
[Chg]  On a PC the Backup to Remote Server dialog display a host OS appropriate title and prompt.
[Chg]  Re-recorded the "To Do.wav" file (with "Audio Recorder") to now say "Alerts"; I used "Audacity" to clean up of the sound file.
[Chg]  Removed MySQL client libraries from Risky Business SOS.
[Chg]  Renamed "To Do" To be "Alerts".
[Chg]  Renamed the "ToDo" attribute to "Alerts"
[Chg]  Out of time demo licensed users now bounce to the MacSOS web site.
[Imp]  Logging in is now even faster as the "Alerts" list is loaded once.
[Imp]  The window positioning is retained better for XP and Vista users between logins.
[Afx]  ReadOnly and NonTechnical users no longer see New un-approved SOPs
[Not]  Exported SOPS do not contain Hazards, Groups, Sub-Procedures or Substances.
[Not]  Removed the increasing superfluous role 'SubstancesOnly'. Users with this Role are now changed to the 'NonTechnical' role.
[Not]  Newly added users automatically get assigned the permission to print SOPS and HazChem reports. Users without these permissions can no longer print from the Main page.
[Not]  Only Safety Officers can create or edit incidents. Normally nobody else can view them at all. however, an assessor can see the summary list of incidents (but not edit those incidents) for SOPs that they assess.
[Opt]  MainWindow now displays faster.
[Not]  Built with REALbasic 2007r4


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