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     [Fix] = Bug Fix
     [Afx] = Alpha or Beta fix.  Fix for a problem recently introduced. 
     [Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
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     [Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
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             Usually a consequence of some other fix.
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     [W32] = Win32
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2007 Release 111 (November 2007)

[Chg]  Changed the schema:
UPDATE PrefsClient set MaxAppVersion = 2007.111
UPDATE PrefsDatabase set DatabaseSchema = 2007.111
[Opt]  Greatly sped up the display of all items for each category on the Main registers page.
[New]  Atmospheric Monitoring Reports and Other Substance Documents can now be stored directly with the relevant Substance.
[New]  An Employee's Date of Birth can now be recorded as per Victoria's "Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007" Legislation.
[New]  An Employee's age is now automatically calculated and displayed on the User's dialog.
[New]  Added a new join table between Substances and Notes.
[New]  Added an index on Policy..Title.
[New]  Added an index on File..SubstanceID.
[New]  Added an index on File..FileName.
[New]  Added an index on File..IncidentID.
[New]  New blog entry "Software is never finished...".
[New]  A 'Document' panel was added to the Substances Dialog.
[New]  Added SELECT privileges to GROUPs Technical, ReadOnly, NonTechnical and Assessor FOR TABLE SubstanceNote IN DATABASE RiskyBusinessSOS.sqlite;
[New]  Scripts for using a postgresql server as the Risky Business SOS application server created.
[Wrk]  Quitting the application with the Location dialog still open (and with unsaved changes) no longer throws an error. 
[Chg]  Truncated text on the main registers page now has an ellipse "..." appended.
[Chg]  The Substance window was widened slightly to accommodate the extra 'Documents' panel.
[Chg]  myDatabaseRecord.rbo now allows AttrDate with blank text strings to be saved as NULL dates in an UPDATE statement.
[Chg]  Some widgets on the Users dialog moved by 1 pixel and right aligned so as to be pixel perfect.
[Chg]  Enabled the User the ability to cancel files being bulk uploaded via drag and drop on the file listbox in the Substance, SOP, Incident and User Incident dialogs.
[Fix]  Removed the duplicate SQLscript constant from cReportManager.
[Fix]  Removed the 5 white pixels from the RBSOS_Medium.bmp image (It is now pixel perfect!).
[Fix]  The DateNTime dialog now shows the correct year when opened via the Date Bevel Button.
[Not]  Atmospheric Monitoring Reports that relate to the use of a particular substance in a particular Procedure can still be stored directly with the corresponding SOP.
[Not]  Health Surveillance Reports that relate to a particular person in a particular incident should be stored directly with the relevant incident.
[Fix]  cRiskyBusinessSOS.sql: Increased the shortdesc from 80 to 255 characters in the create scripts.
[Fix]  popAttribute.sql: Fixed the create script for the UseMacSOSBackup Attribute details.
[Fix]  Corrected some details in the popAttribute field.
[Fix]  Unit tests expanded to check for CodeSetID = "0".
[Not]  Risky Business SOS works just fine on MacOS X 10.5
[Not]  Built with REALbasic 2007r4.

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